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Join the conversation on the Data Populator Slack. If you want to stay up to date regarding the development of Data Populator, follow @datapopulator.

Bugs and Features Requests

Please file all your bugs and feature requests as issues on GitHub. We have prepared templates to get you started.

Data Populator for your Design Team

If you’re interested in a custom version of Data Populator that is deeply integrated with your internal design tools, processes and live APIs, please get in touch.

Other Inquiries

If our examples and documentation aren’t enough, please get in touch with your question or suggestion. We’re trying to get back to you as soon as possible:


Data Populator is a design tool created with 💖 by precious design studio in Hamburg, Germany in collaboration with Code Arrows in London, UK and Tokyo, Japan.


Last Updated: 1/13/2019, 7:49:20 PM