# Data Populator for Sketch v3.6.5


# Installation & Updates

  1. Download the latest version (requires Sketch 69+), unzip it and double-click the data-populator.sketchplugin file to install it in Sketch
  2. Sketch will notify you if there are updates and you can install them via Plugins → Manage Plugins…
If you'd like to invest in the future development of Data Populator, buy us coffee. You can also contribute to the open source project on GitHub. Thank you very much!

# Demo Document

Download our Demo Document and play around out of the box. You'll find some helpful hints in the Sketch Document.

Demo Document for Sketch

# Install with Sketch Runner

With Sketch Runner, just go to the install command and search for Data Populator. Runner allows you to manage plugins and do much more to speed up your workflow in Sketch.

Last Updated: 4/15/2022, 9:28:13 AM