# Changelog

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# v3.6.5 Latest

15.04.2022 – Download v3.6.5 (Latest Version, requires Sketch 69+)

# Fixed

  • Fix for Sketch versions >84

# v3.6.4

22.06.2021 – Download v3.6.4

# New

  • Locales for 'numeral' and 'date' filters now need to be defined with brackets, like <de>

# v3.6.3

22.06.2021 – Download v3.6.3

# New

  • Added locale support and relative timestamps to 'date' filter

# Fixed

  • Fixed a bug where '0' in the data was populated as 'undefined'

# v3.6.2

11.05.2021 – Download v3.6.2

# Fixed

  • some bugfixes for new filters

# v3.6.1

10.05.2021 – Download v3.6.1

# New

# v3.6.0

02.03.2021 – Download v3.6.0

# Fixed

  • Fixes trimming for fixed size text layers. It always trims to one line unless you specify the number of lines using the -l N argument in the layer name.

# v3.5.2

03.12.2020 – Download v3.5.2

# New

  • We added analytics to the plugin to gather diagnostics and usage data. This will help us identify usage problems and improve the plugin. All data is collected anonymously and cannot be used to identify you. If you want to opt out, just untick the "Privacy" checkbox in the Sketch Settings under "General".

# Fixed

  • Add support for data properties containing '.' in their name. If your property contains '.', such as imageUrl.2.2 , add backticks (`) around that key. For example, someObject.`property.with.fullstop`

# v3.5.1

08.11.2020 – Download v3.5.1

# Fixed

  • Sketch 69 compatibility fix

# v3.5.0

14.07.2020 – Download v3.5.0

# Fixed

# v3.0.3

12.11.2018 – Download v3.0.3

# New

  • TB-303 Edition (opens new window)
  • {placeholders} can now be used in override text content! 🎉 – #94 (opens new window)
  • Data substitutes can now be stacked in order of priority: for example, {name??email?phone} will use 'email if there's no data for 'name' and 'phone' if there's no data for 'email' etc.
  • #swapSymbol Conditional Action: if you don't pass a symbol name (eg. #swapSymbol[true]), it will swap the symbol to None, hiding the symbol effectively

# v3.0.2

09.11.2018 – Download v3.0.2

# New

  • '#swapSymbol' Conditional Action now works with Libraries

# Fixed

  • Fixed symbols in Sketch 52.3

# v3.0.1

27.10.2018 – Download v3.0.1

# New

  • it's now possible to use data for substitutes! For example, {something?name} will insert 'name' but {something??name} will use the data for the name key in the data — #155 (opens new window)

# Fixed

  • no more crashes when running populate with JSON and the previously selected JSON file no longer exists — #153 (opens new window)

  • pressing enter key to select JSON files no longer automatically runs populate (you didn't even get a chance to look at the settings before and it would just populate immediately)

# v3.0.0

15.10.2018 – Download v3.0.0

# New

  • A completely reworked UI, now featuring a JSON preview and some hints and explanations
  • New command: Last used data (displays what data and options were last used)
  • New command: Populate from URL
  • Possibility to define a 'Data Path' – the JSON key that should be used for populating. For example, in the following JSON it would be results[0].data (the key containing the most objects is detected and prefilled automatically):
  "results": [
      "data": [
          "id": 1,
          "name": "my name"
          "id": 2,
          "name": "my other name"

# Earlier Versions

You can find earlier versions of Data Populator for Sketch here (opens new window).

Last Updated: 4/15/2022, 9:33:50 AM